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Every year more than 120 Students defend their PhD and more than 500 PhD Students are preparing a PhD at Ecole Polytechnique.

Preparing a PhD at Ecole Polytechnique means working at the heart of a competitive cross- disciplinary research center that clusters 22 Laboratories, out of what 21 are joint research units with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) bringing together 1650 research staff covering 8 areas of research meeting the challenges of society and technology through mutlidisciplinary projects.

- Bioengineering, Biology and Health Sciences- Concepts and Methods for a Digital Society- Energy, Transportation and Environment- Modeling and Optimization of Complex Systems- Matter and Light in Extreme Conditions- Markets, Innovation and Science-Society Relations- Nanoscience, Innovative Materials and Efficient Processes- Universal Laws and Structures

Since 2015, research courses at École Polytechnique have been restructured in view of University Paris-Saclay creation. Preparing a PhD at École polytechnique now leads to the PhD degree of University Paris-Saclay.

École Polytechnique is involved in 10 University Paris-Saclay Doctoral Schools and hosts one of them « Interface » :

Ecole doctorale de mathématiques Hadamard (EDMH) InterfaceOndes et MatièreParticules, Hadrons, Énergie, Noyau, Instrumentation, Imagerie, Cosmos et Simulation (PHENIICS)Physique en Ile-de-FranceSciences Chimiques : Molécules, Matériaux, Instrumentation et Biosystèmes (2MIB)Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société ED SHSSciences et technologies de l'information et de la communication (STIC)Sciences de l'environnement d'Ile-de-FranceSciences mécaniques et énergétiques, matériaux et géosciences - SMEMAG

Every PhD Student at Ecole Polytechnique has a funding covering his/her salary for the entire duration of his/her PhD.

More than 25% of the PhD students at École Polytechnique are doing their PhD in partnership with a company either under the industry research partnership scheme (so called CIFRE) or thanks to a scientific collaboration between their laboratory and a Company, from start-up and small businesses to big size companies.

More than 40% of our PhD Students are international Students coming from more than 45 different countries and 25% are women.Finally, 60% of our PhD Students had a connection with École Polytechnique before starting their PhD either as a student in the Ingenieur or Master degrees or through a research internship in one of our laboratory.3 years after obtaining their degree, 99% of our Doctors are under employment.

At École Polytechnique, the Graduate School gives assistance to the PhD Students with every aspects of their training and life on campus, from information prior to formal application to graduation and takes care of the training quality control.

> Admissions

Applicants should hold a Master degree (MsC) or equivalent qualification.

Applications must be submitted directly to the Doctoral School -th edoctoral school depends on the PhD supervisor for your project- application file usually requires, at least, the following elements (extra requirements might be specified by each Doctoral School) :

    - PhD Subject,    - PhD Supervisor,    - Laboratory in which the research will be carried out,    - Foreseen funding

Your PhD project should be discussed ahead of the application with your potential supervisor and laboratory in order to design a tailor made project.PhD subjects open for application are usually published at the end of each year (around December) on our website 

Academic year starts in September-October. Registration for a PhD outside this period may be considered on a case-by- case basis.

> Costs and Funding :

Annual registration fees: 391€ (rate applicable in 2016-17).

Registration is subjected to the existence of a funding for the entire duration of the PhD ensuring a minimum monthly gross salary of 1,758€ (rate applicable in 2016-17)

École Polytechnique has a PhD program with 40 three-years PhD funding alloted through the Doctoral Schools annual competition. Details for application are given by each Doctoral Schools on their website.Outstanding PhD Laureate may be granted a monthly bonus bringing their minimum monthly gross salary at 2214 €.

PhD subjects open for the annual competition are available for online consultation. Applications are to be submitted in spring, shortlisted applicants will be called by the Doctoral School for an interview generally in May.The competition outcome is communicated in June and the PhD begins in October. The terms and conditions for applications are detailed by each Doctoral School (Jury, Interviews,… ) and available on their specific webpage.

Additional information regarding other PhD funding programs for a PhD at École Polytechnique is available on the University Paris-Saclay Doctoral College website.

> Courseworks :

PhD students are expected to take 120 hours or coursework in addition to their research, in order to refine and/or complete their scientific knowledges and prepare their career.

At École Polytechnique PhD students may, on demand, benefit from a specific individual career advise support.Visits and exchanges with Companies are programmed each year specifically for PhD students as well as a 5 days long residential seminar designed to question PhD students on their professional goals.

> Assistantships :

Each year École Polytechnique propose 80 one assistantship positions that may either be Teaching assistantship, scientific outreach or consulting for industry. 

A specific call is published each year in April. Fixed rate for assistantship is 40.91€ per hour (gross).


PhD Students also benefit from support of the Fondation de l’X (FX) and the alumni association (AX). They are represented in Ecole Polytechnique and University Paris-Saclay decision-making bodies, jurys, and with the board of directors.X’Doc, the student association brings together doctoral students from the École Polytechnique and its partner laboratories, and its aim is to be an information center for this community.