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EuroTeQ Universités Européennes : Joint call - Teaching Fund 2022

École Polytechnique is an active member of the EuroTeQ European university project. Within this framework, a working group is collaborating on the development of a EuroTeQ campus, which aims to offer a shared catalog of courses between the various partner institutions.
EuroTeQ Universités Européennes : Joint call - Teaching Fund 2022
05 Jan. 2022
General information

This offers the possibility for students to realize a physical or virtual mobility, and for teachers to collaborate with their European counterparts.
To facilitate the development of these shared courses and to encourage innovative practices within our institutions (CTU, DTU, TU/e, TalTech, TUM and the Ecole Polytechnique), a call for EuroTeQ projects has been launched for our teachers.
See the EuroTeQ course catalog (BUTTON: https://euroteq.eurotech-universities.eu/initiatives/building-a-europea…)
(FORMAT CITATION) "Would you like to join the project and have funds to develop or transform a course?" Details & Deadlines
- The call for projects will be open between February 10 and March 10, 2022
- The grant end date is set for December 31, 2022
- The overall budget will be 30,000 euros
(Bullet point format)
Each partner university will propose a call for projects. Matchmaking events are planned to facilitate collaboration and co-construction between teachers

This call for projects aims at developing the EuroTeQ Campus and allows to
- promote the co-creation of courses between teachers from partner universities
- develop new course formats and accreditation (new form, micro-credit, development of transversal skills, etc.)
- deploy and/or use technological tools for pedagogy (digital labs, etc.)

Each project must contain at least 1 item from the list below:
Inter-campus teaching
- invite and integrate students from EuroTeQ partners
- invite and integrate new target groups (professional learners or apprentices)
- cooperate with teachers from at least one EuroTeQ partner
- cooperate with an associated project partner
Innovative study offers
- piloting a micro-credit for specific skills
- piloting a new interdisciplinary and/or entrepreneurship course. Support for the formalization of projects at X

If you already have a project or an idea for a new or revised course, please do not hesitate to contact the pedagogical engineers at X: Elise Herlicq and Latifa Berkous

We can help you formalize your project

Contact: elearning@polytechnique.fr and specify [EuroTeQ Campus] in the subject line