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Department of Computer Science

The goal of the department is to provide future engineers with fundamental knowledge in computer science. Ever-present at all levels of society, economics, and science, this discipline must be mastered by every engineer and researcher, regardless of their primary specializations.

Technological advances have brought the emergence of new careers in computer science, in the fields of web technology, knowledge management, image manipulation, and logistics optimization.


Department Goals
In order to stay abreast of current and future trends in computer science, the department offers:

>Customized studies for each level
Students in the Ingénieur Polytechnician Program take courses i computer science starting in their first year of studies. They may choose between two levels: an introductory course and a more advanced course for those already familiar with the subject. During their 2nd year, students also have the option of taking an additional refresher course.
These studies include the comprehension of algorithmic foundations, programming and computability, and an understanding of the basic operations and architecture of networks and computer systems.

>Concrete applications through MODALs
In Year 2 of the Ingénieur Polytechnician Program, students are given the choice of various MODALs, which are practical labs ending with a final project as their focus. These two-month units provide students the opportunity to approach new technologies through hands-on experience. Several Computer Science MODALS are offered, such as:
The Web MODAL consists of designing a complete website from start to finish, alone or with a partner.
The Tablet MODAL teaches students to program their own mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.

>Personalized concentrations
Starting in their third year (or first year of Master’s studies), three concentration tracks are offered to students:
-The Computer Science track covers several different topics, such as: designing computer systems (databases and Big Data manipulation), network security and algorithmic efficiency.
-The Electrical Engineering track is offered jointly with the Departments of Physics and Applied Mathematics.
-The Bioinformatique track is offered jointly with the Department of Biology.

Careers in Computer Science
Future graduates may continue their careers in computer science through:

>Research within public organizations or large companies, working in the Internet market or network management, in France or abroad.
>Engineering and development in the IT departments of large corporations in all business sectors.
>Startups, which especially lend themselves to the computer science field, as it requires a limited investment in equipment and materials.
>Students may also choose to continue their studies in advanced programs at schools such as Télécom Paris.

Laboratory of the Department
> LIX - Computer Science Laboratory