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Department of Physics

Due to its interdisciplinary scope, physics plays a central role among the other scientific subjects. Moreover, many modern technologies are based on advancements in fundamental research in phsyics, such as: telecommunications via fiber optics, geolocation, and magnetic resonance imaging.


The Department of Physics thus holds an important place in academics and research at École Polytechnique. Two physics laboratories are operated jointly with the Departments of Biology and Chemistry.

In addition, research in the field of physics at the École Polytechnique Research Center is focused into four major areas of research:
>Physics of the Two Infinities,
>Optics, Lasers, and Plasmas,
>Nanoscience, Nanotechnology, Information, and Communications,
>Condensed Matter, Materials, Energy.

Department Goals
The Department of Physics offers:

>High-level courses in the fundamentals of modern physics: introduction to major theories and quantum mechanics, statistical physics, special relativity, variational principles, and electromagnetism.
>Specialization in physics through the concentration track: introduction plus poussée à la plupart des domaines importants de la physique moderne et de ses applications technologiques.
>Experimental education through MODAL laboratory units, Group Science Projects in Year 2 of the Ingénieur Polytechnician Program, as well as research projects and the research internship at a laboratory in Year 3.

Careers in Physics
There are two primary types of opportunities:

-Careers in which physics plays a central role, such as in research and development in either academic or industrial domains, in the following fields: electronics, optics, optoelectronics, atomic physics, physics of the two infitities.
-Careers related to other areas where the tools of physics are used, such as: combinations with life sciences, computer science, energy, economics, etc.

Laboratories of the Department
> CPTH - Theoretical Physics Center
> LOA - Applied Optics Laboratory
> LOB - Optics and Biosciences
> LULI - Intense Lasers Laboratory
> LLR - Leprince-Ringuet Laboratory for Particle physics ans Astrophysics
> LPP - Plasma Physics Laboratory
> PICM - Physics of Interfaces
> PMC - Condensed Matter Physics
> LSI - Irradiated Solids