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Climat Environnement Applications et Recherche (CLEAR-WAPE) - Track Water, Air, Pollution and Energy (WAPE)

Diploma : Master in «Earth, Planetary, and Environmental Sciences» University Paris-Saclay


Selected students of the WAPE program at Polytechnique will have the opportunity to spend their fall semester in New-York (USA), following lectures at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (DEES) of Columbia University.

The track WAPE (Water, Air, Pollution and Energy) gives students a thorough knowledge of the dynamic, physical and biochemical processes governing the atmosphere, the oceans, the air pollution and the water cycle at local and regional levels, in connection with the energy production issue. Modeling methods and modern meteorological or oceanographic forecasting will be addressed. Innovative observation techniques are also described, studied and practiced.

Job openings
Careers in companies, consulting firms, governmental agencies, national and international agencies or administrations concerned by climate and environment issues, PhD in environmental or climate sciences.

Year 1 track Sciences for Environmental Challenges”
Prerequisite :Open to the best national and international students with a bachelor, Licence (L3) or equivalent with an excellent level in physics and applied mathematics.
Langage :French
Location: Palaiseau

Learn more about the 1<sup>st</sup> year

Year 2
Prerequisite: direct admission to 2nd year is open to high level Graduate students (1st or equivalent) (60 ECTS). A span background in physics, fluid mechanics and applied mathematics is required.
Langage: English
Location: Palaiseau, Paris
Validation rules: The Master Diploma is delivered upon validation of 120 ECTS (60 ECTS in 1st year and 60 ECTS in 2nd year)

Costs: registration fees (256€ in 2015-16) + social security affiliation (213€ in 2015-16) (when applicable costs associated do the semester in the USA)

Master website

Application timeline
Session 1 : January 8th until February 15th, 2016
Session 2 : March 15th until May 15th, 2016

Admissions may be accorded for late applications received after the deadline of the 2nd session. In every case, you will receive an answer by the 15th of July 2016, at the latest.

Contact for application

Scholarships programme:
Paris-Saclay Scholarships for international Master students arriving in France (10k€)

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