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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Big data for heart screening

Yann Fleureau, X2010, and Antoine Herlin, X2008, have founded CardioLogs, a start-up that offers an automated medical diagnostic tool for interpreting electrocardiograms. In March 2014, CardioLogs won the "Global Innovation Competition 2030".

Healthcare professionals often perform electrocardiograms but they are not specialists when it comes to interpreting the results. The goal of CardioLogs, a start-up founded by two alumni, Yann Fleureau and Antoine Herlin, is to help them give the best interpretation.

Electrocardiography (ECG) is the medical exam that records the electrical activity of the heart with electrodes, in order to detect various cardiac abnormalities. To better interpret the results of this exam, the founders envisioned a CardioLogs automated medical diagnostic tool. They used statistical models of artificial intelligence applied to health data.

Improve the care of patients with cardiovascular disorders in a timely manner

"This tool, based on artificial intelligence, is able to interpret and correlate the ECG signals to corresponding disorders of cardiovascular activity," says Yann Fleureau, President of CardioLogs. A specialist in cardiology detects between 90 and 130 heart diseases when interpreting ECG results while a general practitioner will usually detect a dozen. "This is problematic because the vast majority of ECGs are not performed by cardiologists," he says.

By helping GPs to interpret ECG signals, CardioLogs hopes to improve the care of patients with cardiovascular disorders. "The number of deaths caused by a cardiovascular disease accounts for 30% of total global mortality. It is 10 times more than AIDS," insists the President of CardioLogs.

To develop their concept and realize their clinical studies, Yann Fleureau and Antoine Herlin have surrounded themselves with prestigious cardiologists, including Professor Pierre Taboulet, author of L'ECG de A à Z. "This collaboration is essential to democratize access to high level medical diagnosis and soon provides the tool that will interacts in real time with the healthcare professionals," says Yann Fleureau. At l'X, he also benefited from expert advice from many mentors he met through the Master innovation technologique : ingénierie et entrepreneuriat led by Bruno Martinaud. "They gave me the necessary tools and network to launch a start-up," says the young entrepreneur.

Rapid development thanks to the Global Innovation Competition 2030

In March 2014, CardioLogs was one of the winners of the Global Innovation Competition 2030 organized by the French government. It gave the start-up immediate recognition as well as a reward of 150,000 euros that led to a rapid growth. "With this Prize, we were able to purchase databases on certain rare diseases and recruit developers," says Yann. The young entrepreneur believes that the conditions are very favorable for creating a technology start-up in France. "The State paid my tuition fees and helped me start my business. I am more than happy to create growth and jobs for my country in return," he says.

Photo: ©Jérémy Barande/École polytechnique