Students or graduates of Ecole Polytechnique, you are part of an alumni community of more than 30,000 members, whose commitment is decisive in supporting the development and influence of the School. Alongside the Association of alumni ofl’ X (AX), the Foundation of l’X (FX) and other alumni associations, the School maintains a strong link with its alumni through messages from its president, meetings and exchanges with its leaders, projects and activities led by the Diversity and success center, as well as with its monthly newsletter Dixit. 

Student of l’X

If you are unsure about your academic or professional orientation, get help! The School has set up a mentoring program to put newcomers in touch with current students. It also regularly organizes student-alumni evenings by section, which allow you to ask all the questions and get to know more about the careers of graduates who have studied the same way as you.

Graduates of l’X

You are now a graduate of X: Receive regular news from the community by email thanks to the School, AX and FX newsletters; Keep up to date with the latest scientific and technological innovations thanks to Polytechnique Insights, the online review of Institut Polytechnique de Paris. 

You will also have a lifetime email address provided by that you can use on your CV or in your publications, and wherever you think your affiliation with l’X can be useful.

As a graduate, you also have access to the alumni directory published by AX. 

To contribute to the influence of your school, you can: 

  • Become a volunteer for the Diversity and success center and invest your time as a referent for a student from l’X assigned to a high school for his/her civilian education. 
  • Sponsor an international student
  • Become an ambassador for the School in your home country 
  • Share your professional experience as part of the Executive Education program, participate in certification or graduation juries. Contact 
  • Participate in the mentoring and experience-sharing networks of the School’s entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem (in particular as part of the support programme of the start-up incubator of the École Polytechnique, the Drahi-X Novation Center: Contact: julie.bragato[@]

To be supported by the School throughout your professional life, to stay in touch with your class and to be informed of the School's scientific and technological news, you can:

  • Train yourself and your corporate teams with the continuing education programs or Executive Education 
  • As an alumnus, you will receive a 15% discount on your first registration for a certification program or a short program. 
  • Organize a class reunion on the campus 
  • Keep up to date with the latest news from École Polytechnique by subscribing to its monthly newsletter Dixit
  • Subscribe to Institut Polytechnique de Paris' online review : Polytechnique Insights.