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L'X launches three new academic programs in September

Three new programs will be launched for the 2017-2018 academic year at École Polytechnique: Bachelor program, Internet of Things: Innovation and Management Program and the Executive Master.

More than a hundred students will start their academic year at l'X in September, they will be part of first classes of three new programs launched by École Polytechnique.


Around 80 students will join the first Bachelor program, a degree-level undergraduate program delivered in three years. 60% of students will be international. Bachelor of l'X is a research-oriented undergraduate program delivered by its professors in an international environment of excellence. After a first year of common core, bachelor students will have a choice between three specializations: mathematics and computer science, mathematics and economics, mathematics and physics. Optional subjects will also be available in each of these specializations (biology, chemistry, advanced mathematics). The implementation of its first Bachelor gives l'X a complete range of academic programs, positioning it in competition with the largest international science and technology institutions, enabling it to increase its visibility on a global scale.

Graduate degree "Internet of Things"

A new Graduate degree program, "Internet of Things: Innovation and Management Program", will open in September and welcome a dozen of students. This program responds to the growing demand from industry players for a need for experts in the field of connected objects. Students will be mentored by both engineers and researchers. This program complements other three Graduate degree programs launched in 2016: "Energy environment", "Big data for business" (joint diploma with HEC) and "Corporate strategy" that will welcome second classes in September.

Executive Master

Some twenty experienced executives will return to school by joining the first class of the Executive Master of l'X. This new degree program prepares future leaders to design, deploy and manage value-creating business models with a strong technological dimension and from an international perspective. Participants will follow an innovative 14-month course, organized around 12 modules lasting one week each, including 9 in France and 3 abroad. The modules will be produced by lecturers and researchers of École Polytechnique and other world-leading scientific institutions in their fields. Four themes will be covered during these modules: core management, innovation management, technology, professional and personal development.