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FIGURES OF MATHEMATICIANS In the library of the Polytechnic School 1794-1850

Exhibition from 9 August 2017 to 31 March 2018, under the large hall of the School.

The exhibition on the history of mathematics realized by the Center of Historical Resources was conceived in partnership with the professor of history of sciences, Frédéric Brechenmacher.


The exhibition was financed by a grant from the "LabEx Jacques Hadamard"

An accompanying brochure is available on site for visitors.
The exhibition is presented in the form of eleven posters with a retractable canvas version, in order to travel, from September next, in the different libraries of Paris / Saclay, or even beyond, on simple request to the 
Historic Resource Center.


It illustrates the history of mathematics from the patrimonial collections of L'École polytechnique.


Focusing exposure on older books allows us to follow some mathematical issues on long time, including the related problems of size measurement, discrete / continuous voltage and number concept.

The questions dealt with here are amply documented by the ancient works and make it possible not to limit ourselves in a somewhat artificial way to strictly mathematical works, but rather to solicit the corpus of philosophy, dramaturgy, ancient history, etc.

Insisting on the Greeks makes possible to witness the essential role of classical culture at the time of the creation of the documentary collection of the École polytechnique.