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Project-Based Learning

All students work in groups of five to seven people on a Group Science Project. This work is carried half a day every week throughout the second year.

The Group Science Project aims to:
> Enable students to carry out scientific specialization work managed by the students themselves, on a project chosen by them, using an approach that must be both creative and collective.
> Encourage group work and team spirit, over a long period of time, enabling students to gain fundamental organizational skills.
> Give students their first experience of carrying out and managing a project.
> Promote collaboration between students and researchers.

In order to work together to identify, write down and work to jointly resolve a major problem or to design and execute an innovative technology demonstrator, students must independently apply, over a long period of time, one or more scientific disciplines and an appropriate method and organization.

The Group Science Project involves people from the whole of the École Polytechnique, as well as its close partners, specifically the École Polytechnique Foundation. The subjects chosen by the students can be connected with the École Polytechnique Laboratory, a third-party research organization, a business - which is sometimes a start-up - or a state-owned company.

The subjects can range from fundamental research to engineering. They can relate to the in-depth study of a discipline or the implementation of knowledge derived from several disciplines and must present an interesting scientific and/or technological challenge.

Every year, Group Science Project work is awarded prizes: rewards given by the École Polytechnique, but also by companies or won in national or international competitions. Each year, several Group Science Projects lead to business start-ups.