Entrance Examinations

Entrance Examinations
Applicants to the Ingenieur Polytechnicien Program need to take the entrance examinations.

Useful information

  • The examinations can be conducted in either French or English. 
  • International centers set up around the world.
Check for eligibility

An initial selection based on academic records, motivation letter and letters of recommendation. More on ‘Applications

The eligibility committee selects a list of candidates based on the number of places available and the results of the evaluation of application materials.Academic records, motivation letter and letters of recommendation are all considered in determining the eligibility of a candidate prior to examination.

Admissions exams

The exams may be taken either in France or abroad, depending on the candidate's country of residency.

 Three Oral examinations in:

  • Mathematics (55 min)
  • Physics (55 min)
  • General Scientific Knowledge (30 min) : an interview focusing on the analysis of scientific documents (30 min) and the candidate's motivation (15 min). The oral examination in General Scientific Knowledge is the only examination preceded by a 30-min preparation period.

One interview

  • Motivations (20mn)

During the oral tests, the candidate must solve one or more problems in Mathematics and in Physics and comment on a text of general scientific culture from mainstream international press. After the oral exams, an interview will be conducted to assess the motivation of the candidate.

The essential concepts required in Mathematics and Physics can be found from the following link: https://www.ip-paris.fr/en/education/engineer-programs.

The tests and interview can be conducted in French or in English, at the candidate’s choice.

Oral examinations are conducted by video conference.

The previous examinations 2017 to 2019 are accessible on Gargantua.

An average ranking is established for each candidate having undergone all the tests given the following coefficients assigned to each examination:

Oral exams :

  • 6 in Mathematics
  • 4 in Physics
  • 2 in General Scientific Knowledge and motivation

Admission results

The admissions jury determines the list of admitted candidates. Admission criteria include both the quality of the candidate's academic records and his/her results in the examinations.

Admission to Ecole Polytechnique is confirmed after the students have met the following conditions:

1) Prior to the students' arrival at Ecole Polytechnique:

  • checking that the candidate meets the physical fitness conditions set by the Ministry of Defense
  • verifying that the candidate is not in a situation that is incompatible with the student status of Ecole Polytechnique.

2) When students have arrived at Ecole Polytechnique:

at the latest, before the beginning of the advanced scientific curriculum, verification that the candidate meets the French language proficiency requirement

Key steps