Comprendre la France, Advanced French Language & Culture


6 weeks


5 to 7 h per week


C1 level in French. Self paced courses.



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Comprendre la France, Advanced French Language & Culture

This advanced French language and culture course is aimed at anyone who speaks and/or is learning French and wishes to improve their command of the subtleties of the language and gain a better understanding of French and Francophone culture. This 6-week thematic MOOC offers an immersion in language and culture through art, literature, cinema, politics, media and science. Each week includes numerous videos, readings, virtual museum visits, forum discussions and quizzes. These activities allow each participant to deepen their knowledge of French culture and its history, understand contemporary issues while improving their written and spoken French.

This advanced course (C1-C2) has been developed by the same team as the intermediate French MOOC "Studying in France" (B1/B2) and is its continuation.

Week 1: Paris, cultural capital
Week 2: Great personalities of history
Week 3: Science and technology in France
Week 4: French politics and institutions
Week 5: Contemporary debates in France
Week 6: France and the French language in the world