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Education resources

The e-learning center offers a wide range of services to assist teachers and researchers in the creation or development of their courses.
Education resources
Accompanying teachers in pedagogical engineering

If you are preparing a new course or redesigning an existing course, whether you are a novice or an experienced teacher, we can accompany you and help you with your teaching practice.

Topics can be:  

  • implementing a hybrid modality,       
  • managing a group of students with a heterogeneous level,         
  • implementation of peer evaluations, 
  • implementation of project-based pedagogy, etc...            
  • non-exhaustive list 

This support takes the form of meetings: one or more depending on the subject and can be completed by observations in the field 

Production of pedagogical videos for different uses 

SPOCs, MOOCs or hybrid courses 

A team will help you in the design of your recording and the development of your content:

Training catalog for teachers-researchers and PhD students 

The team of pedagogical designers can assist you according to your needs on the fundamentals of pedagogy through workshops or individual meetings. Here are some examples:

  • Formalize pedagogical objectives (Bloom Krathwohl and Anderson / OP purpose)
  • Designing a course (pedagogical scenario / alignment)
  • Hybridizing a course (new or existing course)
  • Facilitate a course (facilitation techniques / icebreaker / engagement / learning by doing)
  • Evaluate learning (summative / formative / diag)
  • Designing evaluations (MCQs, badges, scales, criterion-referenced grids, scoring)
  • Questioning and reflecting on one's practices (teacher / student positioning / documenting one's experiments and practice / improvement process)
  • Training for doctoral students
  • Supporting learning (motivation/explanation/constructive feedback/metacognition) - for teachers
  • Work methodology workshop for students

Do not hesitate to contact us. 

Discover our 2023 training catalog

Creation and provision of useful resources for teaching

Tutorials, PDF resources, etc... 

Feedback between teachers

Organization of pedagogical cafés to encourage the exchange of practices (once a month)