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Motion design, a tool for teaching

Motion Graphic Design is the art of translating ideas and concepts into animated graphic representations. Motion design is used massively in the world of institutional and event communications, but also in education: MOOCs, communication and science dissemination, popularization of research projects ... etc.

The extreme versatility of this discipline allows to effectively enhance different projects, on a wide range of media: smartphone, computer, tablet, projection room ...

The combination of motion design and excellent research and teaching work allows us to offer highly effective graphic and didactic video tools to the civil and scientific society. Since 2019, the Teaching & Learning Center of École Polytechnique offers to all departments of the Institution (marketing, communication, laboratories...) the skills of an experienced motion designer who will accompany you in every phase of the creation of your videos.

Don't hesitate to contact him to discuss your project

Fabrice Etifier - Motion Designer