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The historical, scientific and artistic collections of the École polytechnique form a rich heritage ensemble.

This diversified ensemble, preserved within the Library by its Historical Resources Center, offers the possibility of consulting archives, ancient instruments, successive editions of scientific works or any form of iconography relating to Polytechnique or its students.

Famous on a world scale in the field of the history of science and technology, the patrimonial collections of the Ecole polytechnique offer a unique testimony to the evolutions of the interactions between sciences and societies. They consist of collections of scientific instruments (measurement, hydrostatics, heat, electricity, acoustics, optics, chemistry), archives (institutional archives of the School as well as funds handed down by individuals and documenting scientific developments , Techniques, education, economics, military, business, politics, etc.), as well as iconographic collections (paintings, drawings, engravings, photographs) and museography (sculptures, medals , Furniture, etc.), as well as a historical library of works published from the 15th century onwards.