About us


Since its creation in 1794, the library has continued to enrich its initial collections from revolutionary deposits, either through exceptional contributions or through regular acquisitions.

An encyclopedic library with a very strong focus on fundamental sciences, the École Polytechnique library today meets the needs of a professional scientific school recognized as a center of excellence at the global level as well as its research center by putting a rich documentary and heritage collection available to its public.


Nearly 300,000 volumes, 182,804 monographs, 2,147 paper periodical titles, 3,483 electronic journals, 305 living periodical titles are available from the FOCUS discovery tool or from our catalogs. The various electronic resources such as databases, electronic journals or theses are accessible via the library's website.

In a context of strong change, the École Polytechnique library is committed to ensuring its fundamental documentary activity for learning, research and the promotion of heritage while developing innovative and adapted services in order to respond to these new challenges.


The mission of the Central Library of the École Polytechnique is:

  • build up and make available to the student, teaching and scientific community a multidisciplinary documentary collection useful for teaching and research
  • contribute to the dissemination of all of its resources
  • welcome its audiences and offer cultural events
  • train its audiences in documentary research
  • to conserve and enhance a rich multi-support heritage fund.
  • Director of the library and museum : Hélène Chaudoreille (helene.chaudoreille [at] polytechnique.edu)
  • Administrative and financial manager : Cécile Callo-Labbé (cecile.callo-labbe [at] polytechnique.edu)
  • Book orders : Sandrine Delval (sandrine.delval [at] polytechnique.edu)
  • Prevention assistant : Vanessa Richard (vanessa.richard [at] polytechnique.edu)

Department of Documentary Resources for Education and Research

  • Head Manager : Denis Roura (denis.roura [at] polytechnique.edu)
  • Responsible for electronic resources, Aleph ILS functional administrator, Sudoc coordinator: Denis Roura
  • Responsible for documentary acquisitions in exact sciences : Amandine Girardet (amandine.girardet [at] polytechnique.edu)
  • Responsible for documentary acquisitions in social sciences and humanities, economics, languages, literature, culture-leisure, subscription management : Denis Roura
  • Open Science Project Manager - Research Data Management Caroline Corbières (caroline.corbieres [at] polytechnique.edu)
  • Responsible for Scientific and Technical Information - HAL Polytechnique and HAL-IP Paris administrator :
  • Cataloging (new items, retrospective, donations)

Reception-Information-Communication Service

  • Head Manager : Vanessa Richard (vanessa.richard [at] polytechnique.edu)
  • Interlibrary Loan Officer : Vanessa Richard
  • Documentalist-Webmaster/ Cultural Mediation : Valeriya Tretyakova (valeriya.tretyakova [at] polytechnique.edu)
  • Information Literacy trainer, responsible for public reception: 
  • Storekeeper : Romuald Leroy (romuald.leroy [at] polytechnique.edu), Thommy Ferreira (thommy.ferreira [at] polytechnique.edu)

Historical Resources Center - MUS'X

  • Head Manager : Olivier Azzola (olivier.azzola [at] polytechnique.edu)
  • Archives (information – consultations) : Olivier Azzola
  • Archivist Assistant :
  • Responsible for heritage collections/ Scientific Mediation : Gwénaële Guigon (gwenaele.guigon [at] polytechnique.edu)
  • Conservation and restoration : Delphine Gallot (delphine.gallot [at] polytechnique.edu)
  • Museum registrar : Yasmine Bahet (yamsine.bahet [at] polytechnique.edu)