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Discovery courses

Discover the "heritage courses"

A magic black and white square, the QR-code, invaded Polytechnique.
To share its history and heritage, four free and interactive tours allow visitors to discover some twenty historic or artistic works: paintings, busts, photographs, engravings, paintings ... reveal little by little anecdotes and personalities linked to the history of École Polytechnique.


How it works ?
The four printed courses are available at BCX reception. You choose the one you want to follow. Using a tablet, you can get one at the reception, or a mobile phone (equipped with 3G or 4G), you are invited to flash the QR code found beside the works proposed by the course. The flash made, you have access to an explanatory and detailed page about the work and its author and should seek the answer to the question.

Each course lasts between half an hour and an hour.


  Since the establishment of Polytechnique, how many different uniforms did it had? Who is Jean Baptiste Eble? What is its relationship with Polytechnique? Did you know that Louis Leprince-Ringuet, a prominent nuclear scientist, had other gifts?


To answer these questions, come at Bibliothèque Centrale de l'X (BCX) !

To download

>course 1 - 23 oeuvres in the library
>course 2 - 19 oeuvres in the library
>course 3 - 25 oeuvres in the great hall
>course 4 - 29 oeuvres in the great hall