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How to manage your references?

Researchers, PhD students, students, you have an important "collection" of references of articles, theses, patents, resources of the web on your hard disk ... Finding an article becomes long and tedious.

Writing a bibliography for a publication or a report, putting it in the correct format in the appropriate style (italics, quotation marks, ...) can also become time-consuming.

To save you precious time, there are tools perfectly adapted: softwares of management of references.


With plugins inserted in browsers and word processing software, you can easily and quickly retrieve your references and automatically integrate your citations and bibliographies into your reports.

How to choose your reference management software?

5 criteria to study:
• The functions of retrieving references (import, automatic retrieval, pdf retrieval)
• Organization functions (sort, advanced search, tag, folders)
• Writing support functions (export, citation styles)
• Collaborative tools (groups)
• The costs

These themes are developed during our training in documentary research.

Some interesting tools
EndNote Web