Bulletin de l'océan

27 Jun. 2023

Exhibition from June 27 to August 25

Perceived as a limitless larder and exploited by large infrastructures for the production and exploitation of various energies, this living environment, which covers three-quarters of the globe, is threatened by both pollution and rising temperatures.

The oceans are recognized as a vital treasure for sustaining life on Earth. They are extraordinarily biodiverse, with a variety of species of which only 10% are currently known, and truly call for intelligent management by all nations.

It's no longer just a space to cross from one continent to another, from which we can draw food resources and dump our waste without restraint. On the contrary, we're now well aware of the ocean's central role in the evolution of life and climate: it's vital to know and respect it, to preserve our future.

Production: Double Hélice
Scientific advisor: André Louchet, Professor at Paris Sorbonne University
Documentation: Arthur Maneveau
Graphic design: Gilles Regnery

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