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Regard sur : "Alain Aspect, Nobel Prize in Physics 2022"

Regard sur : "Alain Aspect, Nobel Prize in Physics 2022"
07 Oct. 2022
07 Nov. 2022

The basic principles of quantum physics are quite shocking to intuition. But don't worry, you get used to it!


Alain Aspect

Eric Labaye, President of the École Polytechnique and President of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, announced on October 4th:

“The Nobel Prize in Physics 2022 has been awarded to Alain Aspect, Professor at École Polytechnique and Institut d'Optique, and CNRS Research Director Emeritus at the Charles Fabry Laboratory of the Institut d'Optique Graduate School (Université Paris-Saclay - CNRS). He is co-winner alongside John F. Clauser from the United States and Anton Zeilinger from Austria. […]

"The trio is rewarded for their experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell's inequalities and paving the way for quantum technologies," the Nobel jury explained. The discovery of this astonishing property has indeed opened the way to new technologies in quantum computing and ultra-secure communications, or ultrasensitive quantum sensors that would allow extremely precise measurements, such as that of gravity in space.”

In addition, the central library honours Alain Aspect, his writings and the resulting works.

Electronic documentation (in French) :