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02 Mar. 2023
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The l’Institut Polytechnique de Paris Hal portal was born from the desire to highlight scientific production of researchers from the 5 member institutions of the IP Paris.

Every publication deposited in Hal, published before the 1st of June 2019 and whose one of the authors is affiliated at least to one of the 5 member institutions, is available in the portal.

Currently, there are more than 7.200 full-text publications available, that is 80% of more than 12.000 referenced publication. This is one of the higher rates of HAL portals

The portal also shows theses defended at the IP Paris. If the Ph.D. authorized the spreading of the thesis, theses are available in full-text. At the end of the doctorate, Ph.D. are sensitized about issues and constraints of the spreading of their thesis. Thus, 93.4% of École Polytechnique theses defended in 2021 are on HAL.

We remind that the Library supports researchers for deposit of publications in HAL. For more information, please contact Aurélien Arnoux [aurelien.arnoux@polytechnique.edu]

Link : HAL-IP Paris