Department Seminar: Guillaume Montagnac

Friday the 4th of November at 11 AM in Amphi Sauvy

Dr. Guillaume Montagnac
Institut Gustave Roussy

Adhesive clathrin coated pits for 3D cell migration

Boissan M, Montagnac G, Shen Q, Griparic L, Guitton J, Romao M, Sauvonnet N, Lagache T, Lascu I, Raposo G, Desbourdes C, Schlattner U, Lacombe ML, Polo S, van der Bliek AM, Roux A, Chavrier P. Membrane trafficking. Nucleoside diphosphate kinases fuel dynamin superfamily proteins with GTP for membrane remodeling.
Science. 2014 Jun 27;344(6191):1510-5.
Montagnac G, Meas-Yedid V, Irondelle M, Castro-Castro A, Franco M, Shida T, Nachury MV, Benmerah A, Olivo-Marin JC, Chavrier P. αTAT1 catalyses microtubule acetylation at clathrin-coated pits. Nature. 2013 Oct 24;502(7472):567-70.
Montagnac G, de Forges H, Smythe E, Gueudry C, Romao M, Salamero J, Chavrier P. Decoupling of activation and effector binding underlies ARF6 priming of fast endocytic recycling. Curr Biol. 2011 Apr 12;21(7):574-9.
Montagnac G, Sibarita JB, Loubéry S, Daviet L, Romao M, Raposo G, Chavrier P. ARF6 Interacts with JIP4 to control a motor switch mechanism regulating endosome traffic in cytokinesis. Curr Biol. 2009 Feb 10;19(3):184-95.

Lieu(x) :  Ecole Polytechnique, Amphithéâtre Sauvy

Contact : Alexis Gautreau