Séminaire Département de Biologie - Dr Brahim HEDDI

le 01 avril 2016 à 11h00
Dr. Brahim HEDDI, School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.


Structure and recognition of G-quadruplex

G-quadruplex are four-stranded nucleic acids structure consisting of quartet of guanines (G•G•G•G) held by cyclic Hoogsteen hydrogen bonds. Recently, arising biological evidences show that G-quadruplexes are involved in numerous cellular processes. They are also demonstrated to have anticancer/anti-HIV activity either as biomolecular targets of small molecules or as therapeutic agents. In this context, the structure and the recognition principles of biologically active G-quadruplex would be valuable. In this talk, I will present several structures of G-quadruplex free or in complex with small molecules and protein.

Lieu(x) :  Ecole Polytechnique, Amphithéâtre Grégory

Contact : Yves Mechulam  (yves.mechulam at polytechnique.edu)