Séminaire départemental Dr. Xavier NICOL

vendredi 8 septembre 11h00 , en Amphithéâtre CURIE

Dr. Xavier NICOL
Institut de la Vision
Université Paris VI

The mature nervous system is an intricate network in which the connectivity between neurons is tightly regulated. Precise connections are crucial for appropriate functioning of the network. Second
messengers and among them cAMP are critical modulators of neuronal connectivity development. They integrate extracellular signals that orient growing axons, and modulate axonal competition in the targets.
These cellular messengers are crucial for refining exuberant axonal arbors and pruning misplaced axonal branches. In addition, these second messengers are involved in a wide range of distinct cellular processes.
Despite their early identification as signaling hubs, we still have partial understanding of how specificity is achieved for their myriad of downstream effectors. Focusing on subcellular localization, kinetics,
and interactions between cyclic nucleotides and calcium, we identified a subset of second messenger signals shaping neuronal connectivity.

Lieu(x) : Ecole Polytechnique, Amphithéâtre CURIE