Imaging by mass spectroscopy

Beyond the analysis of samples in liquid or gaseous media, as traditionally approached by metabolomics, we are developing new methodologies in imaging mass spectrometry (IMS). This technique makes it possible to map a large number of molecules in a mixture, using laser desorption/ionization (MALDI) methodologies, from surfaces of interest. This approach, developed in the department, is based on the use of mass spectrometry with very high resolution (> 500,000) and very high mass accuracy (< 1 ppm) to separate each ionized molecule very finely according to its elemental composition. This method can be coupled with other imaging methods such as optical imaging, fluorescence imaging, FT-IR, etc., to implement a multimodal approach in which each technique provides complementary information. Projects focus on challenges in human health (ten-micron localization of xenobiotics or endogens (lipids, steroids, etc.) and chemical ecology (analysis of fruits, bacterial mats, etc.).

1. Multimodal imaging

2. Imaging specialized plant and microorganism metabolites

3. Cutaneous penetration of xenobiotics

4. Distribution of steroids in adrenal glands

Faculty contacts
Edith Nicol (subjects 1-4) David Touboul (subjects 1-4)