Chairs of Ecole Polytechnique

Chairs and sponsorship programmes aim to develop both pluridisciplinary and innovative research projects and specific courses with the support of industrial partners, thus reinforcing Ecole Polytechnique's expertise in areas of interest for the School and its partners. Chairs and sponsorship programmes are supported by our partners and housed by the Foundation of Ecole Polytechnique or partner foundations.
Chairs of Ecole Polytechnique

Key figures:

  • 2003 : first Chair signing
  • 2023 : 42 Chairs and sponsorship programmes, including sponsorships at Institut Polytechnique de Paris
  • 75 companies have placed their trust in us

What is a chair ?

Chairs and sponsorship programmes:

Research and teaching sponsorships

A research and teaching sponsorship is a pluridisciplinary program supported by a patron in order to set up academic activities (research and / or teaching) around key issues for the École and linked to specific areas of the patron.

Academic and research chairs 

In order to be labelled « Chair », a sponsorship programme must be of a suitable scale, both in its duration and in its financial amounts.

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Sponsorship of one or more companies grant us the complementary resources to bring forward research on state of the art company-driven scientific thematics in our laboratories. This is done through the exploration of new technologies, methodologies or materials.
Chairs and sponsorship programmes establish collaborations between academic and industrial partners and position themselves as an experiences and practices exchange ground.

In terms of education, chairs and research programmes allow students to be trained in new issues through specific education modules, hence allowing them to reach work environment with detailed and applied knowledge on companies' specific area of expertise.

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Become a sponsor

Becoming a sponsor of the Ecole Polytechnique is:

  • Taking part in the scientific influence of the École and being affiliated to it.
  • Supporting research and teaching projects linked to your company's issues.
  • Being in the heart of exchanges and creating a lasting relationship with researchers, students and other industrial partners.

Get in touch with us to build together a project linked to our research thematics.

To do so, fill the form which will be sent to Cristina Gastineau, chair manager at Ecole Polytechnique.