Presentation of Ecole Polytechnique

Since its creation in 1794, École Polytechnique has been producing and sharing multidisciplinary knowledge at the highest level, for its students, for companies and for society, by developing an entrepreneurial spirit, boldness and a sense of general interest in its three fundamental missions of education, research and innovation.
Presentation of Ecole Polytechnique


In a globalized higher education and research environment that is both competitive but also open and collaborative, École Polytechnique has inscribed its future within Institut Polytechnique de Paris. 

Created in June 2019, Institut Polytechnique de Paris is a public institution of higher education and research, encompassing 5 prestigious French engineering Schools: École Polytechnique, ENSTA Paris, ENSAE Paris, Télécom Paris, Télécom SudParis.

Since its creation, IP Paris has established itself as a world-class institution of higher education and scientific and technological research, capable of attracting the best French and foreign researchers and students, and thus being an essential driving force for France's power and influence. 

Key Figures

3000 students 3000 students
41% international students 41% international students
23 Laboratories 23 Laboratories
40% International academic & research staff 40% International academic & research staff
2600 scientific articles 2600 scientific articles
670 startups created since 2010 670 startups created since 2010
34 active chairs 34 active chairs
30 000 alumni member of AX 30 000 alumni member of AX
  • 3700 students
  • 40% international students
  • 23 laboratories
  • 40% international academic & research staff 
  • 2600 scientific articles (Rank A)
  • 770 startups created since 2010
  • 34 active chairs 
  • 30 000 alumni member of AX

Our missions


École Polytechnique was founded in 1794, a period marked not only by political and economic upheaval, but also by the end of the Age of Enlightenment. During this unique moment in history, the Comité de Salut Public (French Public Welfare Committee) anticipated the future applications of the myriad scientific and technical discoveries that occurred during the 18th century and triggered the Industrial Revolution. It entrusted Gaspard Monge, Lazare Carnot and several other scholars with enlisting, by means of a competitive recruitment process, the best minds of their time, and teaching them science for the benefit of the French Republic.

In 1804, Napoleon confirmed the School’s role in serving the nation by granting École Polytechnique military status and giving the school its motto: "Pour la Patrie, les Sciences et la Gloire" ("For the Homeland, Science and Glory").

Now, at the start of the 21st century, another era characterized by geopolitical, economic and environmental difficulties as well as numerous groundbreaking technologies, École Polytechnique maintains the same philosophical core. A staunch defender of the idea that innovation is the only driving force of collective prosperity, the university is a significant contributor to promoting responsible productive, economic, and scientific development.

Scientific Excellence

As a higher education establishment, l'X naturally seeks to share the most up-to-date knowledge to benefit its students, selected based on the criteria of excellence for which it is renowned.

However, École Polytechnique also creates knowledge, for its professors are both teachers and researchers. It hosts around twenty laboratories, which are closely connected to French national research institutions and committed to prestigious international collaboration. The aim of these laboratories is to achieve results in the form of intellectual property rights and publications in leading journals in both fundamental and applied research.

École Polytechnique’s aim is to be recognized by the most exceptional students from around the world as an institution where they can acquire a knowledge base and know-how and gain access to a network of former students which will allow them to have a fulfilling professional life in line with their ambitions.

To serve society

L'X aspires to develop exemplary values in its students and researching professors.
Science and conscience: the cult of integrity and sense of public interest are part of its deeply rooted culture. 

As part of it, the School is actively engaged in in a Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility approach. Social equity and environmental impact are central to the School's strategic ambitions. It also defends equal opportunity and considers diversity in its various forms to be an asset.

Its influence throughout the community can be seen on more than just an educational and scientific level; through its actions to promote business creation and more widely contribute to economical, technological and society’s progress. 

The School supports French industrial and economic prosperity by contributing both to defending France's competitiveness in the public domain and by stimulating the economy through its multidisciplinary research and cutting-edge innovation developed for the benefit of all.

Our communities

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L’AX is the association of alumni of Ecole Polytechnique. It contributes to various projects within the community and gives you the opportunity to join a powerful and united network.

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The École Polytechnique Foundation is committed to funding the development of l’X. Recognized as a public utility organization, it raises funds for the benefit of students, researchers and teachers, and thus contributes to the outreach of the school.

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