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Erasmus +

Le logo d'Erasmus+


Gaëlle Le Goff: Director for International Affairs

Marie-Laure Thibous (Contact): Erasmus+ Programmes Coordinator

Kristina Lutsik (Contact): International Affairs Manager for Europe

The Erasmus+ programme builds on more than 30 years of successful European Union programmes in the fields of education, training and youth, covering both the intra-European and international cooperation dimension. It was voted at the end of 2013 for 7 years, for the period 2014-2020.

The programme promotes mobility actions in Europe and internationally for students (periods of study or internship), teaching staff and all staff of higher education institutions.

-->To see the list of Erasmus+ member countries
-->To find out about the Erasmus+ program for the year 2020

Erasmus+ and l'X

In 2013, École Polytechnique renewed its membership of the Erasmus+ programme and obtained a new ECHE Charter (Erasmus Charter for Higher Education) for the period 2014-2020.

By signing the Erasmus+ Charter, École Polytechnique is committed to contributing to the objectives of modernisation and internationalisation of higher education.

École Polytechnique Erasmus+ Code: F PALAISE 01
OID code of the establishment: E10208830

Each year, l'X participates in the KA 103 programme "Mobility of students, teachers and staff in higher education" within the member countries of the programme.

In 2019, the School has also been selected for the KA 107 "International Credit Mobility" programme with two partner countries, Israel and the Russian Federation.

Requests for mobility relating to the latter should be addressed to the International Affairs Department.

Requests for mobility relating to the KA103 programme are described below and should be addressed to the International Affairs Department, Marie-Laure Thibous.

Accompanying people with special needs (disability or health problems requiring specific support)

The Erasmus + programme aims to promote equity and inclusion by facilitating access for people whose situation could limit or prevent their participation in transnational activities.

Additional support is therefore offered to all persons, benefiting from Erasmus + mobility, with disabilities or whose health problems require specific support.

Applications should be made no later than two months before the start of the stay to the International Affairs Department, Marie-Laure Thibous.