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International Affairs

First Mongolian students at l'X

Two Mongolian students joined École Polytechnique's Renewable Energy Science & Technology (REST) Master's program, after being awarded scholarships by the ENGIE Group and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with the support of the French Embassy in Mongolia.

"I always wanted to study in a different country and experience a different culture. But, frankly speaking, because of the language barrier I had, I never thought of France for doing my Master’s degree," says Bazarragchaa Bataa, one of the two first Mongolian students who arrived at École Polytechnique in September. His opinion completely changed when he learnt that the Renewable Energy Science & Technology (REST) Master's program was taught in English at l'X and when he heard about the scholarships awarded by the ENGIE Group as well as the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs to access this program. He decided to apply "because of the international prestige that École Polytechnique has in both educational and professional arenas."

Ambassador Y. Delaunay, Minister D. Zorigt, B. Bataa, A. Kunsaya, ENGIE Mongolia CEO B. Ribesse

The scholarship was awarded to Bazarragchaa Bataa and Amanbyek Kunsaya during a ceremony held in presence of Yves Delaunay, Ambassador to France in Mongolia, as well as Dashdorj Zorigt, Mongolian Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy and Benoit Ribesse, CEO at ENGIE Mongolia. This scholarship covers the students' tuition fees as well as their cost of living during the Master's program, thus facilitating their integration in France. The Mongolian students will also be able to do their business internship at ENGIE, a unique opportunity according to Bazarragchaa Bataa: "studying in France, spending an internship in one of the leading energy companies in the world, will definitely put me on the right track to achieve my career goal."

By providing an internship to the laureates of the scholarship, ENGIE gives the opportunity to the students who are selected to work on subjects in relation with the REST Master's program. "As a global company, we have social responsibilities to the countries we operate in," comments Laura Pearse, Development and Performance Manager at ENGIE. Earlier this year, ENGIE has developed a key project in Mongolia - the building of a combined heat and power plant - and the company looked at what might benefit the needs of the country. "There is a good potential in Mongolia for renewable energies and we clearly see it as a future opportunity for the country. Excellent programs such as the REST Master's at École Polytechnique are key to develop the skills and knowledge needed to take advantage of this opportunity," says Laura Pearse.

It is too early to tell if the Mongolian students will develop renewable energies' projects in their country, but for now at least, it is the goal of Amanbyek Kunsaya who hopes to work on wind energy and power in Mongolia after she graduates.