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Program Erasmus+

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Mobility grants for studies and internships in Europe

École Polytechnique is committed to supporting and recognizing study experiences at partner universities across Europe and internships abroad as part of its degree programs. The academic achievements obtained at the host institutions during the mobility period get validated as ECTS as part of the respective degree program.

Within the limits of the credits allocated to École Polytechnique by the National Erasmus+ Agency in France, participants can benefit from an Erasmus+ mobility grant to cover part of the travel and living costs during the exchange period. Depending on the living costs in the respective country, the 33 countries participating in the Erasmus program are split into three groups.
Students of all nationalities are eligible for this financial international exchange support.

To apply for an Erasmus+ Student Mobility grant, candidates must meet certain requirements and submit their application during the official application period. Accepted candidates are then to respect their commitments to receive the full grant. Further information on Erasmus+ 

To submit an application or obtain additional information, feel free to contact us! 
Contact: Marie-Laure Thibous, International Affairs Office

Mobility grants for Students, Researchers, and Professors - outside Europe  

In addition, École Polytechnique currently participates in three Erasmus+ ICM programs, offering financial support (mobility grant and travel support) for academic exchange in countries outside the traditional Erasmus program. Students, Professors, and Researchers can benefit from mobility grants to study or work on a specific project at partner universities in Israel, Iran, and Russia. The available grants are linked to specific scientific fields, as indicated in the table below.

The travel support is calculated based on the distance in kilometers between the place of departure (sending institution) and the place where the activity takes place (host institution). Erasmus+ provides a distance calculator. Additional support can be allocated to students with disabilities to facilitate their participation in the ICM program.

Please note, the total mobility duration of 12 months per study cycle, no matter the number and type of mobility activities. Participation without any EU grant also accounts for this total duration.