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Programs at École Polytechnique

Classes and seminars for the Ingénieur (Engineering) Program
Many of the classes and seminars offered to Polytechnique students, from the first to the third year of study, deal with issues related to innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Specialization Program (Parcours d'Approfondissement - PA) in Technological Innovation includes three components, focusing respectively on :
- managing innovation, particularly ground-breaking innovation within established organizations,
- engineering for technological innovation, specifically addressing the topics of advanced techniques in materials and structures, micro-, nano- and opto-electronics, and energy systems,
- entrepreneurship.
The Specialization Program is also accredited as Master 1 for master's degrees in management, innovation, design, science and technology (MIXT) and in engineering for technological innovation and entrepreneurship (Ingénierie de l’Innovation Technologique & Entrepreneuriat - IT&E).

Master's degrees
École Polytechnique offers its students three master's degrees which promote innovation and entrepreneurship. Training sessions (Les Doctoriales®) are also provided for PhD students.

- Master's degree in technological innovation and entrepreneurship (IT&E)
The master's degree in technological innovation and entrepreneurship focuses on entrepreneurship, and aims to directly encourage innovation and give students a taste for and a desire to start out in business. This master's degree combines scientific research and entrepreneurial innovation.

> Start-up project
The entrepreneurial project is one of the major elements of the course. It places the student in a situation where he or she actually develops a start-up.
The projects from master's students are then entered for the X Business Plan Challenge, a European competition for innovative-technology start-ups organized by the École Polytechnique.

> Support for developing a start-up following the master's degree
The Silicon Valley Fellowship Program is supported and managed by the École Polytechnique's alumni based in the United States. Master's students can apply for this program, which offers a of $20k scholarship to each participant as well as a 6-month acceleration and coaching program. Students may also be offered internships in Silicon-Valley start-ups.

> Careers
The master's degree prepares students for a wide range of professional careers: entrepreneurs creating innovative start-ups, intrapreneurs responsible for ground-breaking innovations within existing organizations and co-creators who join an entrepreneurial project at an early stage.

- The Master's degree in Project - Innovation - Design (Projet - Innovation – Conception : PIC)
The PIC Master of Research is a degree course focused on the management of innovative projects within businesses.  It trains experts in implementing and steering the innovation process, by involving them throughout the entire course in a real life innovation situation in a business.

> Professional experience
The master's project is carried out in a business either over a 17-month period for students enrolled in M1, or a 12-month period for those who join the course in M2. During the project, the students focus on a topic, while integrating one of the businesses partnering the master's degree. Over 20 businesses, including Air Liquide, MBDA, Renault and Safran, regularly partner the training course.

> Careers
Typical jobs include : R&D Project Manager, Product and Service Design Engineer, Product Manager, Innovation Manager, Teacher/Researcher, Creativity Manager, Open-Innovation Relationships and Consultant.

- Master's degree in network industries and the digital economy (Industries de Réseau et Économie Numérique - IREN)
The master's degree in network industries and the digital economy trains high-flying students to understand the operating principles of network industries and the digital economy.
Students learn to track fast-developing trends, either in research and higher education or in operational positions within businesses, administrative authorities, consumer and user groups or regulatory bodies.
The master's has two different paths, research and vocational, and four specialist subjects: the digital economy, innovation, network industries and market design.
Job openings in the specialist areas include those for researchers in information technologies and the development of digital business, or in network regulation, managers of innovation projects, senior managers in business or administrative authorities (following a vocational doctorate), or teaching (following a teaching/research doctorate).

Les Doctoriales®
Les Doctoriales® are seminars on the advantages of training via research, and the place of innovation in a career plan.

These training sessions are intended for PhD students in the second and third years of their doctorates. The aim is to make them aware of the world of business, and of the need to plan their careers in the public or private sector. The sessions are offered by the École polytechnique and ParisTech.
In this context PhD students learn to set up an innovative project during an intensive five-day seminar, working in a team with the help of visiting professional consultants, doctors currently working in their fields of research, business executives managers and scientists.