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Project-Based Programs

The École Polytechnique's standard courses also lead towards business creation. More and more students following the Ingénieur Polytechnicien Program or studying for master's degrees and doctorates are creating start-ups as part of their course.  

The Joint Scientific Project
During their second year, all students following the Ingénieur Polytechnicien Program work on scientific group projects. The most promising can result in new start-ups being created.
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PhD students at École Polytechnique participate in projects that lead to business creation.

- The SourceLAB, project, started by three doctors from the X, has received numerous awards, including in the Creation Development category of the National/OSEO competition which aids in the creation of businesses using innovative technology. The project aims to launch an innovation program for an all-in-one laser-plasma interaction kit with the main objective of standardizing laser-plasma interaction, in particular for accelerating particles and generating X-rays.

-Pealk is a start-up which has developed an innovative Web application making it possible to easily to identify and contact professionals on social networks. Viadeo has since acquired the young business. Among the six founding directors, two came from École Polytechnique. 

-Stilla Technologies is a business project run by Rémi Dangla, an alumnus (X2005) and a PhD student at LadHyX (Laboratoire d’Hydrodynamique de l’École polytechnique). It markets a platform for genetic analysis based on microfluidic technology.