Practical information

How to register at the library? How to get an international student card or a digital safe? We answer your questions below!

Library registration

You will find all the information concerning registration, book rentals and room reservations on École Polytechnique library website

How to obtain the international student card?

The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) can be purchased individually by each student.

ISIC subscription fees are paid by École Polytechnique for students of the Ingénieur Polytechnicien Program from 1st to 3rd year and for students in certain courses. The ISIC card is printed on the back of your school badge. It includes your ISIC subscription number. If it is not the case, it means that the ISIC subscription is not offered to the students of your program.

In case of loss, you can go to the badge office to report it. A new card will then be printed with a new ISIC number.

Until now, the badge was printed with a one-year ISIC license that had to be extended each fall by sticking an annual stamp on the badge. The new version of the mobile application IP Paris campus solves this issue by dematerializing the ISIC card.

In the ISIC menu, the student can display his/her card with a validity date. For information, the validity period of a dematerialized ISIC card is from September to the end of December - next year (15 months).

The dematerialized ISIC card is created from the printout of the badge (until the printout is done, the student will not see the "ISIC" menu in IP Paris campus).

Please note that the application also displays the European student card.

Access to the campus restaurants and cafeterias with the Izly account

When your badge has been printed and given to you, you will automatically receive an email from IZLY indicating the procedure to follow to access and recharge your account.

If you do not find this email, you can directly go to the IZLY website.

Your username and login is your Polytechnique email.

You will then be able to recharge your IZLY account to benefit from CROUS services. Payment can be made with your badge or with a QR code generated on the IZLY website.

Please note that each badge is valid for a certain period. Once this period is over, you will not be able to use your badge to access the campus.

If you reprint your badge or change its validity period, the information sent by the school to Izly (CROUS) ensures that the new badge is linked to the same account as the old one. You will not lose your Izly account.

Digiposte digital safe

The services proposed by the digital safe include the diploma, various administrative documents (certificates of schooling, etc.)

For those of you who have not yet opted for the digital safe but would like to do so, you can request it at any time via the Pegasus platform.

Printing service

École Polytechnique offers a printing, copying and scanning service to its administrative staff, faculty members and students.

This offer is based on Toshiba multifunction copiers and a print management software: Papercut (software solution).

Keep up to date with school events

Sigma is the website of the students of the schools on the Saclay plateau. It's up to you to explore everything you can find there! To use Sigma, you must either be inside the École Polytechnique network or have an account on this site. Any students and alumni of schools located on the Saclay plateau can open an account.