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École Polytechnique demonstrates its readiness to collaborate more closely with Small and Medium-sized Enterprises.

SMEs: drivers for innovation
SMEs play an essential role in the competitiveness of the economy and in creating jobs, and contribute significantly to the dynamism of regional activity. They also drive innovation, which is why the École Polytechnique is always eager to forge closer links with them.

Give the SMEs visibility
The École Polytechnique hopes to use X-PME both to give small and medium-sized businesses more visibility and to respond to the expectations of the increasing number of students who are attracted by careers in these structures which innovate and recruit.
SMEs can thus forge links with the École Polytechnique in ways that suit their resources and needs.

SMEs may:

> Make students aware of their company and business lines,
> Benefit from more opportunities to meet students,
> Offer students more opportunities for internships and jobs.

Multiple partnerships

There are many ways in which the École Polytechnique and SMEs can collaborate, including:

Business visits by students to innovative SMEs. Such occasions offer excellent career opportunities, particularly for students in the second and third years of the Engineering program.
> X-Forum, the École Polytechnique's business showcase, inaugurated an SME Village in 2013. The objective is to promote SMEs which have the ability to innovate and recruit young graduates. Such businesses are growing strongly and are based in emerging sectors with a promising future.

Many SMEs already collaborate regularly with the École Polytechnique, including : Leosphere, Aldebaran, Mauna Kea Technologies, Sewan Communications, Applidium, Aqylon, Balyo and Work4.

More generally, the École Polytechnique is in tune with the needs of SMEs and considers all their proposals for collaboration.

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