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Chairs in Energy


Technological challenges for a responsible energy
Philippe Drobinski, Total

Sustainables energies
François Willaime, EDF

Chairs and sponsorship programmes close to this theme:
Sustainable development
Energies and prosperity


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Technological challenges for a responsible energy
Renewable energies, batteries, photovoltaic, smart building

Created in 2018, the « Défis technologiques pour une énergie responsable » patronage aims to enhance the renewable energies’ production and storage. Sponsored by Total and held by Philippe Drobinski, its research ranges from alternative battery technology to smart building AI, and also to economic and social impacts of energy. Thus, it ambitions to understand how to better produce and store energy, in order to manage it in a more responsible way.

Holder: Philippe Drobinski, CNRS research director, director of the Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique (LMD: a joint research unit of CNRS, École Polytechnique/Institut Polytechnique de Paris, ENS/PSL and Sorbonne University) and holder of the Centre interdisciplinaire Energy 4 Climate of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris
Sponsorship type: chair
Creation date: 15/11/2018
Partners: Fondation de l'X


Sustainable Energies
low-carbon energies, nuclear, renewable energies, electricity storage

Since 2008 and with the support of EDF, the chair « Sustainable energies » develops formation and research activities in the field of sustainable energies, including nuclear energy. Professors of the chair teach in the Polytechnique engineer cycle and in master. Held by François Willaime, research actions supported by the chair range from battery and photovoltaic cell improvement to the increase in safety and in operating time of nuclear reactors. The chair also researches tomorrow's nuclear systems.

Holder: François Willaime, CEA research director and professor at the École polytechnique of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris
Sponsorship type: chair
Creation date: 11/11/2008
Partners: Fondation de l'X