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Charitable, Scientific, and Artistic Clubs

Charitable clubs
Action Sociale de la Kès (ASK) (Kès Social Action) is the organization that supervises social and humanitarian activities carried out by students. ASK is the point of contact for clubs with a branch based on the École Polytechnique campus.
> Cheer up !
The Cheer up! club, in connection with a student federation, organizes visits to hospitals.
The Une Grande École, Pourquoi Pas Moi? (Why Shouldn’t I Go to a Grande École?) Program supports high school students who face barriers to their studies to help them develop new skills and behavior that will help them continue with their higher education.
> X-Microfinance
The X-Microfinance club aims to provide micro-credit to Guatemala.
> Missettes
The Missettes club carries out targeted actions to promote the École Polytechnique's courses among young girls and encourage women's scientific careers.
> XY
The XY club brings together the École Polytechnique's gay and lesbian students.

Scientific clubs
> Robots
The Robots club takes part in the Coupe de France de Robotique competition which gathers teams comprised of amateur clubs, engineering schools, University Institutes of Technology and universities.
> Astronautix
The Astronautix club brings together students with an interest in astronautics and organizes conferences on the campus.
> Boson de l’Hixx
The Boson de l’Hixx club brings together students interested in particle or nuclear physics.

Artistic clubs
The Bureau des Arts (Office of Arts) aims to promote culture, both in the Plateau and the area surrounding the École Polytechnique, and in Paris. Divided up according to their preferred discipline (opera, theater, painting, ballet, classical music, jazz, etc.), the club's members organize partnerships with local and national cultural establishments to disseminate the program and offer students the best possible prices.

> Orchestre du Plateau de Saclay
The Symphonix club brings together the École Polytechnique's students and students from others schools to perform classical music concerts.
> Fanfare
The club organizes internal events (tournaments, lunch...) and external events (music festivals).
> Bozart
The Bozart club organizes drawing, painting and sculpture lessons for the École Polytechnique's students.
> Jazz Band
The Jazz Band club unites the École Polytechnique's jazz fans.
> Chorale
The Chorale club, the École Polytechnique's vocal ensemble, performs concerts on and off campus conducted by maestro Holiner.
> CinéphX
The CinéphX club brings together the École Polytechnique's movie lovers.
> Danse
The Danse club gives students the opportunity to take classical and modern jazz classes.
> Concours de piano
This club manages the piano competition organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Defense.  The competition winner has the privilege of playing a concerto with the orchestra of the Republican Guard.
> Theater
This club introduces students to the theater and organizes a show on the campus every year.
> X-Broadway
The X-Broadway club introduces the École Polytechnique's students to musicals.
> X-Passion
X-Passion is the magazine of the École Polytechnique's students. Published three times a year, the magazine offers the opportunity for students to share their passions.