Metabolomics is defined as the study of all the constituent and specialized metabolites present in an organism, making it possible to define its state and evolution. This science is based on two cutting-edge technologies in analytical chemistry: mass spectrometry (MS) and NMR. Because of its specificity and sensitivity, MS coupled with chromatography techniques (gas, liquid or supercritical fluid) is the technique of choice for detecting, semi-quantifying and annotating large quantities of metabolites (several hundred to several thousand) in mixtures. In addition, tandem mass spectrometry and ion mobility studies provide access to structural data, enabling chemical structures to be proposed for each signal detected. NMR, with its ability to obtain absolute quantitative information and fine structural data in 2D NMR, is a totally complementary approach to MS. We are thus developing original methods designed to increase either the specificity or the sensitivity of analyses.

1. Lipidomics by SFC-MS coupling

2. Meta-metabolomics

3. Very high mass-resolution approaches to metabolomics

4. Chemoinformatics approaches to metabolomics

5. Development of Photo-CIDNP in NMR

Faculty contacts
Sophie Bourcier (Subject 2) Covadonga Lucas-Torres (Subject 5)
Edith Nicol (Subject 3) David Touboul (Subject 1-4)