Nanoelectrochemistry is a cutting-edge interdisciplinary field that combines nanotechnology and electrochemistry to manipulate and study electrochemical processes at the nanoscale. By using nanomaterials, such as nanoparticles and nanowires, researchers in the department can improve the efficiency and sensitivity of electrochemical devices, enabling applications in sensors, energy storage and catalysis. The unique properties of nanomaterials, such as high surface area and quantum effects, contribute to enhanced electrochemical performance. Nanoelectrochemistry holds immense potential for the development of next-generation technologies, revolutionizing fields such as biomedical devices and renewable energy systems.

1. Collisions of nanoparticles and nanosheets on microelectrodes

2. Single enzyme activity on nano-electrode

3. Raman imaging exalted at the electrochemical interface

Faculty contacts
Aleix Guell (subject 3) Fouad Manoun (subject 1)
Christophe Renault (subjects 1 et 2)