Renewable energy storage

Efficient, low-carbon energy storage is essential for a sustainable future. As renewable sources such as solar and wind power fluctuate, advanced energy storage technologies ensure a consistent and reliable power supply. Batteries can capture excess energy during production peaks and release it when demand is high. These solutions mitigate the intermittent nature of renewable energies, promoting grid stability and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. Ongoing research within the department is focused on improving the storage capacity and durability of these batteries, and thus fostering the evolution of energy storage systems essential to the widespread integration of low-carbon energies into our global infrastructure.

1. Amorphous carbonaceous Si for Li-ion batteries

2. Mechano-electrochemical coupling in Si anodes for Li-ion batteries

3. Passivation of Li-ion battery anodes by MOF layers

Faculty contacts
Catherine Henry de Villeneuve (subject 3) François Ozanam (subject 1 et 2)
Michel Rosso (subjects1 et 2)