Thin-film devices

The development of thin-film materials is a major research focus. This type of shaping takes advantage of the combined properties of the substrate (glass, polymers, microelectronic substrate, etc.) and various materials that can be deposited in layers, with surface structuring if required. These materials provide passive, active (modulable by the action of an external stimulus) or even intelligent (the compound adapts spontaneously to an external stimulus) functional properties. The department's research focuses in particular on methodological aspects of developing materials with original properties, with particular emphasis on microstructures in the nanometric range. A number of these topics are addressed in an industrial context or in conjunction with IP Paris' interdisciplinary centers.

1. Functional thin films based on alkali or hybrid silicates

2. Thin films colored or luminescent by laser treatment

3. Ultra-hard thin films based on covalent compounds

4. Optoelectronic thin-film devices based on semiconductor nanocrystals

5. Plasmonic oxide-based thin films for solar infrared control

6. Nanocrystal assembly for the study and implementation of collective effects

7. Functional π-conjugated (supra)molecular architectures for (opto-)electronics

Faculty contacts
Simon Delacroix (subjects 2 et 3) Thierry Gacoin (subjects 1 et 5)
Clément Livache (subject 4 et 6) Jong Wook Kim (subjects 5 et 6)
Abderrahim Yassar (subject 7)