Nanomaterials and nanocrystals

Nanomaterials, including nanocrystals, are materials with structures or components on the nanometric scale, offering unique properties and applications. Nanocrystals, which are crystalline structures generally between 1 and 100 nanometers in size, exhibit quantum effects that differ from those of conventional materials. Their small size gives them enhanced electrical, optical and catalytic characteristics, making them useful in a variety of fields. From advanced electronics and medicine to energy storage, catalysis and quantum technologies, nanomaterials and nanocrystals are paving the way for innovative technologies. The department's researchers are exploring synthesis methods and applications to exploit their exceptional properties, fostering advances that promise to redefine a variety of industries in search of unprecedented functionality and efficiency.

1. Luminescent nanocrystals of rare-earth-doped oxides as probes for biology and medicine

2. Lanthanide-doped nanocrystals for quantum information

3. Semiconductor nanocrystals (quantum dots) for innovative optoelectronic devices

4. Plasmonic oxide nanocrystals for infrared optics

5. Materials and AI - A combinatorial approach to the discovery of new materials

6. 2D materials exfoliated in liquid phase

Faculty contatcs
Simon Delacroix (subject 5) Thierry Gacoin (subjects 1,2 et 4)
Jong Wook Kim (subjects 1 et 4) Clément Livache (subject 3)
Abderrahim Yassar (subject 6)