Carbon dioxide conversion and removal

Technologies to stem the increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere are a priority in many strategic academic and industrial areas. The Chemistry Department offers a number of related topics, from the most fundamental aspects of removing CO2 from the atmosphere by direct capture (DAC), to CO2 recovery in catalysis, organic chemistry, analytical chemistry or materials chemistry, and with larger-scale projects such as the implementation of a demonstrator for capturing CO2 from the water of the École polytechnique lake. These projects are funded by academic and industrial contracts, as well as by the Fondation de l'X via major donors, and are largely interdisciplinary in scope, in collaboration with numerous laboratories at the research center (LPP, UCP) and the interdisciplinary Energy for Climate center.

1. Electro-reduction of carbon dioxide on radioactive palladium: electrochemical mechanistic studies

2. Removal of CO2 from the atmosphere by direct air capture

3. Valorization of CO2 in organometallic chemistry

4. Aqueous CO2 capture and recovery

Faculty contacts
Grégory Nocton (subject 2) Cédric Tard (subjects 1 et 4)
Thomas Simler (subject 3)