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Civic Associations and Sports Clubs

Civic associations
> X-Projets
X-Projets is the École Polytechnique's Junior Enterprise. This economic and educational association allows students to put the theoretical education they benefit from into practice, by conducting studies for very varied clients: entrepreneurs, small- and medium-sized enterprises, large groups, associations and institutions.

> X-Forum
X-Forum organizes the École Polytechnique's annual business forum. Each year, this event groups together 2,000 visitors where more than 120 businesses, schools and universities are present.
X-Forum on Twitter

> Cabinet Start up
The Cabinet Start up association encourages entrepreneurship among the École Polytechnique's students.  The club organized the first Startup Weekend at the École Polytechnique in March 2014 which, in 54 hours, offered participants a viable startup project, from the product's design to the business plan.
Cabinet Start-up on Twitter

> X on the MUN
X on the MUN teaches and sends Polytechnician delegates to the prestigious international MUN (Model United Nations). The Model United Nations is a simulation of a UN assembly, which allows the participants, students from all over the world, to speak about geopolitical subjects in front of a large audience. The club also takes part in organizing the PIMUN (Paris International Model United Nations) with other Parisian universities and grandes écoles.

> Politix
The Politix association organizes political debates and invites political figures to the campus such as Gérard Araud, French ambassador to the UN, and Jacques Attali, economist and senior civil servant.
Politix on Twitter

> Duo-Conseil
Duo-Conseil is the student consulting firm run in conjunction with HEC. The firm supports businesses in their development by offering them advisory services.

Sports clubs
> X-Para
The X-Para club organizes and partly funds sports parachuting weekends and training courses for students.


> Diving
In collaboration with the X Sport Club, this diving club organizes dive trips with the opportunity to obtain certificates.
> Montagne
The Montagne club offers many mountain-based activities, such as cross-country skiing, rambling, climbing and mountaineering.
> Parapente
The Parapente club organizes paragliding trips for the École Polytechnique's students.
> Water-Polo
This club offers students water polo activities, in collaboration with the X Sport Club.
> X-Circus
The X-Circus club organizes circus lessons, takes part in events like Point Gamma, and organizes a show every year.