Recruit interns

Recruit interns

Recruiting our students for internships

Internships, which are compulsory and evaluated, take place in companies, in the world of academic research or R&D, in associations or even in the military world. These internships end with the writing of a detailed report and a presentation at École Polytechnique. They can take place in France or abroad. On average, the time reserved for internships corresponds to about one third of the curriculum.
Our students go on various internships during their studies. Below is a description of these internships. 




HR Level


Second year (2A)

3 monts

From June to August end


The "company" internship aims to observe the company's organizational processes.

  • Observation in situ and analysis of the reality of the organization and proximity management within the company
  • The valorization of an experience and a personal course within a company (industry, mass distribution, public works, banks, insurances, consulting, etc.), or a public organization within the framework of an identified operational mission (administration, production, commercial activities, logistics, human resources management, etc.).

The trainee is required to demonstrate the ability to observe, analyze, adapt and produce personal work in a short time.

Third year (3A), master 1 and  MScT1

4 to 6 months

From March to August end


The research internship is an initiation to the methods of scientific research, centered around the resolution of an original problem to which the scientific approach can be applied.

  • The goal of the internship is to advance scientific knowledge, and the problem proposed must be original. The internship must not consist in redoing work that has already been done and must be of benefit to the host organization as well as to the student.
  • Internship proposals must be validated by the School's academic and research departments.

Fourth year
(4A), Master 2 and MScT2

4 to  6 months

From March to August end


The end-of-studies project consists of an internship concluded by the writing of a detailed report and a oral presentation at Ecole Polytechnique.

  • It allows the realization of a substantial project, with a strong conceptual, scientific or technological content, completing the ability to appropriate a problem and the conceptual autonomy acquired by the student at the end of the training cycle,
  • It is a "life-size" experience at the engineer or young researcher level that prepares the future graduate for an optimal insertion into professional life, whether or not it takes place in the organization of first employment.


The display of your internship offers can be done: 

  • within the framework of a partnership with the School 
  • by submitting your request via the "Career Center" and we will validate its publication.

Recruiting our alumni

Companies can recruit graduates with at least two years of experience. To do so, they must contact the Alumni Association (AX), which manages the careers office.