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Department of Economics

The Department of Economics offers courses in Economic Science which are designed to prepare engineers entering the domains of industry and research.


Department Goals
The Department of Economics offers students three primary types of studies in economics:

>Courses which provide solid introduction to the general principles and analytical methods of economics.

>Specialized courses, focused on the business world and its environment.
The goal of these in-depth courses is to provide students with a general mastery of the basic methods of Economic Science and their diverse applications, so that they may confindently pursue economics-related careers, whether in industry, in the financial sector, or in national or international institutions.

>General research in economic science, with emphasis in the following areas:
-Macroeconomics and Labor Economics: fluctuations, probability and finance, commerce, economic policy, welfare theory, education economics;
-Microeconomic Theory and Applications: industrial economics, competition, social choice theory, mechanism design and economic modelling;
-Economics and Sustainable Development: climate change economics, finance durable et investissement responsable, économie de l’environnement et de l’énergie.

Careers in Economics
The curriculum must effectively prepare students who intend to become professional economists, whether in a private company, in the public sector or in the academic world. These students typically continue their graduate studies in one of the advanced Ecoles d’Application such as École Nationale de la Statistique et de l'Administration Economiques (National School of Economic Statistics and Administration, or ENSAE). Certain students may pursue a doctoral degree in Economic Science, whether in the Ecole Polytechnique Department of Economics or at another establishment in France or abroad.
The career opportunities for students of economics are plentiful and can be found across many different domains, in both the public and private sectors, including careers in insurance, finance, industry, sustainable development, and the environment.

Laboratories and Academic and Research Chairs of the Department
> CREST - Economics and statistics
> Chair for Sustainable Development-EDF-École Polytechnique (DDX)
> Chair for Sustainable Finance and Responsible Investment (IDEI)