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Develop a Research Partnership with École polytechnique

École Polytechnique uses its research resources to support knowledge and innovation-based economic growth. École Polytechnique encourages research partnerships with businesses and industry.

Establishing these research partnerships is one of the missions of the Collaborative Research and Intellectual Property Department.

Such collaborations can take different forms.
> Collaborative research on a shared scientific project
> Co-management of a thesis or internship
> Technical service related to special equipment or skills for a shared modeling, analysis or characterization issue.

To make transferring skills to businesses easier, the École Polytechnique's laboratories can host industrial researchers :
> On either a limited basis to finish a shared project
> Or a wider basis to implement a program as part of joint research teams.
This proximity is a key factor in successfully transferring skills and technology.

Polytechnique's high-tech partners really need to recruit personnel trained in key scientific skills. These partnerships are opportunities to carry out projects that bring together laboratory researchers and students and PhD students from École Polytechnique.