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Diversity and Success Center

The Diversity and Success Center (Pôle Diversité et Réussite, or PDR) coordinates activities which seek to diversify the French higher education system, including École polytechnique, in areas such as social equality, gender equality, and accessibility for the disabled.

A Project Leader
The Diversity and Success Center supervises all of the on-campus projects at École Polytechnique, such as:

> Programs which enable talented and motivated young students from disadvantaged families to successfully pursue higher education.
> Key measures promoting the various programs available at École Polytechnique to female students, to encourage scientific careers among women.
> Activities to promote awareness among Polytechnicians regarding issues for people with disabilities, as citizens and future professionals.

A Collective Workspace
The Center leads the way on equal opportunity issues within École Polytechnique on many different levels, with assistance from various teams and offices at the school. The Center is:

A place for exchanges and communication which provides the necessary conditions to promote discussions on diversity-related between the various participants at École Polytechnique: the school’s leaders and administrative teams, Polytechnicians and student clubs, as well as external partners. The Center brings these groups together and helps to coordinate all of the various activities pertaining to equal opportunities.

A place to connect and coordinate which catalogs and guides the and overall vision of the various activities and participants. It thus serves as a link between the different groups of participants on campus and external partners such as associations, collectives and businesses.

A place for advice and guidance which serves as a support for École Polytechnique students and clubs which seek to launch their own equal opportunity activities and programs , providing assistance with finding funding and other logistical aspects such as communications, event planning, and project management. It works with other École Polytechnique offices and administrative teams to take advantage of their wide range of skills and services in these areas. It also provides its expertise with reaching out to middle and high school students, those in higher education, as well as business contacts.

A place for social innovation the Center is designed as an experimental setting which serves on one hand École Polytechnique, and on the other hand the Saclay Plateau and more broadly the department of Essonne. Its mission is to launch new and innovative activities in areas such as: handling dropouts, admissions by category targeting new audiences and the issues which disabled people face in higher education.

This place, supported by its strong network of partner businesses and participants, is intended to become a recognized expert for public authorities.
The Diversity and Success Center also participates in work groups at the national level and thus shares its experience and expertise with other higher education members such as : ParisTech, the Conférence des grandes écoles (CGE) and the Campus Paris Saclay Diversity and Success Center.