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Fab lab

This X-F4B prototyping space enables entrepreneurs to work directly on their project while remaining in close contact with the laboratories at l’X.
The high-tech prototyping space is intended for entrepreneurs to create and develop innovative products. Entrepreneurs, students, researchers and corporate partners may all use the space.


Fab lab
• Ultimaker 3D printers & Enclosed, Flex and ABS 3D printers
• Laser cutting and CO2 and fiber engraving machine
• Vinyl cutter and heat press
• Electronic test bench (tests board, oscilloscopes, generators,
multimeters, etc.)
• Electronics assembly bench, SMD, PTH
• Conventional hand tools
• Sewing machine and embroiderer
• Drones

Solution Garage
• Data center
• Computing center (CPU)

Advanced Digital Manufacturing Workshop (AFNA)
• ABS and multi-media 3D printing
• High-precision PolyJet 3D printing
• Large-scale 3D printing
• 3-axis CNC router
• PCB manufacturing machine

• 3D design and simulation software
• Electronic design and simulation software
• Graphics software
• VR/AR experiences design
• Image capture & analysis


The prototyping space is available upon acceptance of the project and after the project leader has attended the training session.