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History of École Polytechnique

A product of the French Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment, École Polytechnique has a rich history that spans over 225 years. Since its inception, the school has borne a tradition of scientific excellence and commitment to serving the common good.

Key Dates
The key dates of École Polytechnique cover the period leading up to its establishment in 1794, on through the 19th and 20th centuries and up until modern times.
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Famous Polytechnicians
Among the most prominent Polytechnicians are many internationally renowned scientists, high-ranking government officials, outstanding engineers and military officials, as well as entrepreneurs and innovators.
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The Polytechnique Heritage WebPortal presents the activities of the History Resource Center, which preserves and promotes the school’s heritage and traditions through its historical library, archives, and other historical assets. The WebPortal features the history of École Polytechnique and an overview of prominent Polytechnicians.

225th anniversary
In 2019, for its 225th anniversary, École Polytechnique revealed 225 stories that embody its identity. Discover key events, famous alumni, scientific research, contribution to innovation and service to the Nation throughout our website dedicated to the 225th anniversary of École Polytechnique.
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