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Call for applications for the CFM Woman in quantitative finance scholarship

Call for applications for the CFM Woman in quantitative finance scholarship
21 Apr. 2021

The call for applications for the CFM Woman in Quantitative Finance Fellowship is now open. The first laureate was welcomed in 2020 within the "Econophysics & complex systems" Chair, at the origin of this distinction. The thesis grant of 2250 euros per month supports the early career of young female researchers with expertise in applied mathematics, theoretical physics, life sciences, etc. This initiative follows the position taken by Michael Benzaquen, CNRS research director at the Hydrodynamics Laboratory (LadHyX*) and holder of the Chair, to promote women in a field where they are underrepresented.

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About the Chair :
The "Econophysics & Complex Systems" Chair aims to develop tools to understand the dynamics of economic systems by breaking free from the highly theoretical models usually used in this discipline. Led by Michael Benzaquen, this Chair aims to use an analytical approach from the field of statistical physics to study aggregate behaviour in the presence of interactions, heterogeneities and feedback loops. Since 2018, this research has been made possible thanks to the support of the patron Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, President of Capital Fund Management, one of the largest French investment funds. CFM is thus making its infrastructure and data available to enrich the models developed by Michael Benzaquen's team.

*LadHyX: a joint research unit CNRS, École Polytechnique - Institut Polytechnique de Paris